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Viraj Chatterjee, VP Engineering

“For quality and compliance, we need to do human validation of listings to avoid pornography and other offensive material and maintain quality standards. We were running into an issue where turnaround time for sellers was more than 24 hours and that’s not something we were proud of. But with the help of the distributed workforce, we were able to reduce it to less than four hours.”

Cost Reduction

over in-house teams

Gregarious Narin, Co-founder

We've partnered with SquadRun to train our underlying algorithms with great accuracy through their fully managed service, delivering better results faster to our demanding customers and partners.

Faster than

in-house teams

James Rogers

Squadrun's transcription and language tagging work has vastly improved Teespring's search and discovery experience. Their turn around time has far surpassed expectations and quality has been impeccable!

more Accuracy

than in-house teams

Workflows built for success

See how SquadRun is transforming operations in your Industry

Data Quality Control

Data Quality Control

Quality control drives better user experience and ensures platform compliance.

Data Enrichment and Annotation

Data Enrichment and Annotation

Enrich your meta data to drive filters and discovery, for better conversions

Upselling and Recommendations

Upselling and Recommendations

Reduce duplicate data points, curate similar or cross-selling data points to drive better UX and more revenue

Data Decisions, Search and Discovery

Data Decisions, Search and Discovery

Improve your search and product positioning that drive a majority of platform revenue.

Customer Experience and Engagement

Customer Experience and Engagement

Drive lead qualification, on-boarding, transactions, NPS and re-engagement by calling your customers.

Algorithm Training and Optimization

Algorithm Training and Optimization

Generate large training data sets or validate machine learning algorithms using humans.

Customize everything

Every business has unique requirements. We’re built to work around this.

  • Expert workflow design and dedicated customer success team
  • Custom apis for
    seamless flow of data
  • Highly qualified and

    reliable workforce
  • Track high quality


We fully understand your needs
and break them down

Build and Improve

We design the most optimum workflows
around this and iterate until perfection

4600+ hours

Spent creating workflows
by our team

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We can integrate with most systems. Have
CSV dumps? We even work with those.

Mandira, Homemaker
Core Skills
Text Moderation, +8 skills
8640 Completed Missions
97% Accuracy
Pia, Economic Student
Core Skills
Image Moderation, +8 skills
7200 Completed Missions
97.4% Accuracy
Anish, Software Engineer
Core Skills
Product Categorisation, +7 skills
6500 Completed Missions
98% Accuracy

Known Member Community

Account validated, highly engaged

Skilled and Tracked

Specialized and Curated talent pools
for best results

Matching Systems

Algorithms match the right contractor
to the right work

Well Incentivized

Workforce paid once work approved
by Quality Assurance Algorithm

Proprietary Quality Check algorithms

Combination of machine learning and algorithms for
better quality with fewer, trusted judgements

Track progress

See progress in real-time.
Want a slack integration? We even have those.

150 million+

Data Units Processed

200k+ hours

Of work performed

$3 million+

Saved for our customers

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